Welcome to Horizon Colony!

The year, 2421.

After 3 and a half years of construction, Horizon Colony finally becomes inhabitable by others. With the sights full of construction remaining, the lurking of settled dust and the seemingly quiet streets becoming less quiet and empty, Horizon begins accepting its first colony residents.

In their daily mission to provide aid, rest and supplies to passing by Starfleet vessels and other ally's, Horizon has a difficult and somewhat interesting few months.

Latest Mission Posts

» SD242201.26 - Joint Log - t'Nai, Brek, Foxhills - "Fabulous Beasts"

Mission: Into the Wilderness
Posted on 27 Jan 2022 @ 2:25pm by Brek & William Foxhills & Lady Te’elis ir-Zel’Uril t’Nai

Although he had enjoyed his little chat with Commander Damiani, Brek felt happier now that he had left the clinic. His intention was now to zoom in towards the Security building, to get his credentials validated, but he noticed that the Romulan Ambassador and Captain Foxhills were still out there…

» Meeting the Landlord

Mission: Into the Wilderness
Posted on 24 Jan 2022 @ 1:15pm by Commodore Indi Hawk & William Foxhills

((Backlog before the memory wipe))

From the magnificent view from her own office, Indi had seen some of the approach of the Whale. The angle wasn't perfect, but it had been impressive nevertheless. Afterwards, she'd pulled up a few video feeds and watched again.

It was in the middle of…

» [PLOT LOG] Local wildlife

Mission: Damnatio Memoriae
Posted on 11 Jan 2022 @ 8:46am by Commodore Indi Hawk & Lieutenant Commander Bree Riddle & Chief Petty Officer Susan Noble & Captain Dakota & Commander Alyssa Damiani & Captain Vicky Hanover & Elise Lyon

The away team that had occupied themselves with setting up the first construction of the OTB science station had returned about an hour ago. Indi had received a preliminary report on her desk almost immediately after. It didn't contain much, but what it did contain had Indi worried.

The part…

» Back to Colony Life

Mission: Into the Wilderness
Posted on 14 Dec 2021 @ 6:35pm by Commodore Indi Hawk & Captain Dakota

Dakota set foot on a planet for the first time in too long and paused, inhaling deeply. An urge deep down told her to become a cat and race through the streets, scare a few passersby as she went...but centuries of experience assured her that this wasn't the way to…

» A Bird and a Cat Walk into a Bar...

Mission: Into the Wilderness
Posted on 06 Dec 2021 @ 10:50pm by Elise Lyon & Commodore Indi Hawk

The CSS Pelecanus had set down all its cargo of people, animals, containers and pens, and specialized food. Elise had remained around the preserve area long enough to oversee the initial setup but then decided she needed to get things off on the right foot by meeting the head of…