Lieutenant Sera Orion

Name Sera Orion

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Tialan
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 122lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Sera is shorter in stature than most people, but despite that is no pushover and has more strength than she may show. She tends to wear her hair in a simple ponytail but isn't above putting her shoulder-blade length hair up in some elaborate hairdo. She has (markings and locations) that indicate her rank in the priestesshood of Skul'a'Dea, one of the deities of her world.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kerea'e'Greo Flor'Tedas
Mother Melet'e'Desta ti'Orion'Storia
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Sera is a gifted yet underrated tactician, stemming from how she was raised and is an expert in sword combat. She is also very skilled in most aspects of engineering, but not outstanding in any one field. She tends to take creative ways of solving problems and tries to involve others, especially when she's not quite sure of a problem
Ambitions To command a colony starship someday, whenever it shall be.

Personal History Sera'e'Quorin Orion'Storia was born from an arranged match of the Sixth-class Priestess of Bey'a'Dande Melet'e'Desta ti'Orion'Storia and another war priest during a atime of peace for the Eastern Watch on the world of Tial. The priestesss chose to raise her newborn daughter herself, but not fall from the path of her vocation and before the third birthday of the young girl had challenged and won the Seventh rank and the position of Light of the Eastern Watch. Now stuck in the administration work of the Watch, Melet also focused on raising her only child and prepared her for the Time of Choosing, a ceremony where the blonde children at the age of five were interviewed and selected to become war priests and priestesses. Coming from a mating between two high level war priests, the child Sera was a promising candidate.

She wasn't Chosen.

Devastated, Metel rejected the decisions of the Choosing Council and decided that she would raise and train the girl her own self. For the next nine years, Sera was forced to go intensive combat training with several styles of weapons and accompanied her mother as she went to war, by the age of ten being involved in her mother's war councils and strategy sessions The obvious intention of Metel was to force the issue and elevate Sera to the first level of priestesshood once she was able to pass the tests a few years down the line.

Then, at the age of forty-one, when Sera was just fourteen years old and preparing, unwillingly, for her tests, her mother, Melet'e'Desta ti'Orion'Storia, Light of the Eastern Watch, Baronness of Light's End, was killed in a challenge for her position. When the new Light of the Eastern Watch came to inform her of the result, she inherited not only the Barony of Light's End, but also her mother's sword, as was tradition whenever a Light was defeated in combat. And Sera was free for the first time in her life to CHOOSE her own path.

Along with the arts of war, her mother had also been giving her a full and complete education, of which Sera had been intrigued by the making of things, how things were put together. Free from the intents of her mother, Sera chose a new path, the path of Skul'a'Dea, the goddess of Makers, and threw herself into these new studies, only shortly behind some of her fellows. She was elevated to the first rank of the priestesshood at the age of seventeen and was granted an opportunity to go off-world to the Federation and enroll in their Academy to learn even more.

She was a natural fit, quickly assimilating into the culture of the Academy and was a favorite of one of the instructors, a Captain Renee Salchin, who took the young Tialan under her wing and tutored her on the side. While her grades were only middling-to-fair, perhaps a little better than that, she learned very quickly and upon gaining her commission of Ensign was assigned to the USS Jimmy Carter, a larger starship that was going out on a three-year mission to check out recent colonization operations near the border of the Federation. The first three months were taken just to get out to the border area and into the star system of the first colony only to find a disaster in progress. An uncharted meteor shower had taken out the entirety of the orbital array, having knocked the communications satellites into the atmosphere and stranding the colonists by taking out the long range shuttle with a freak meteor strike that crippled it and caused significant damage to the settlement. While the colony was still a going concern, they'd needed resupply and reinforcements from the Jimmy Carter. Sera chose to remain on the planet when volunteers were called for.

Given that the colony was only a couple years old at the time and having suffered significant damage, Sera's arrival with a half-dozen other personnel from the Carter was a recipe for a lot of hard work. Even as the Carter broke orbit after beaming down the supplies required, Sera had already gotten down and dirty in cleanup work. In the process, she gained the respect of the colonists and the experienced crew she'd been sent with under her command. When the Jimmy Carter returned a year and a half later, they found the colony in good repair with more advancement than had been expected, including an additional set of comm arrays offset a hundred kilometers away made from parts that had been partly left behind, but others salvaged from the original comm array and fabricated on planet. The planet that the colony had finally been able to explore properly had turned out to be teeming with wildlife, including several predator species that had no fear of the Federationites. But they also turned out to be rather tasty, as had been discovered when one attempted to consume Sera, but had been brought back for the reverse to be true. With the glowing commendation from the colony leader, the extra half-pip of a Junior Grade Lieutenant was pinned onto Sera when she returned to the Carter for the wellness visit to the next colony.

After this first colony tour on the Jimmy Carter, Sera was reassigned to the USS Tranquility, a brand new Frontier-class colony starship slated for a four-month journey to the A5621B system, home to an automated sensor outpost, to create a colony after officially claiming the system for the Federation and naming it the Cerberus system, it being a trinary star system with not just one, but two class-M planets. With a hundred thousand souls aboard, but not a large Starfleet presence, Sera was the fourth-ranking engineer assigned. The fact that her home planet of Tial didn't have access to much high technology made her a good fit for the mission, which was intended to be self-sufficient for a four year period before the first actual visit by a Fleet vessel.

After leaving the first set of thirty-thousand colonists on Cerberus-A-3, the first of the two worlds, the Tranquility took the remainder to Cerberus-C-4, a couple light days away,
Service Record 2390- Born
2407-2411- Starfleet Academy, Engineering
2411-2411- USS Jimmy Carter, Ensign
2411-2413- Colony Engineer, Startengin Colony
2413-2414- USS Jimmy Carter, Lieutenant (jg)
2414-2419- USS Tranquility and Cerberus colony
February 2419-April 2419- Leave
2419-Present- Horizon Colony