Lieutenant Asha Antan

Name Asha Antan

Position Counselor

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Cardassian
Age 46

Physical Appearance

Height 185
Weight 74
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Asha is rather tall even by the standards of Cardassia for a women. But otherwise looks like a general attractive female of her race.


Father Kehac Antan (Archon, Age:71)
Mother Ejo Antan (Doctor, Deceased 2375. Age:35)
Sister(s) Jhil Antan (Deceased 2375, Age:5)
Eshe Antan (Counselor, Age:46, Twin about 10 minutes younger then Asha)
Other Family While her sister has a distant and cold relationship with there family. Asha's relationship is much more antagonistic.

Asha has even point out that while her sister's relationship with there family is resentful and unhealthy. Her's boarders out full blown hate, and it unhealthy.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Asha gives off a cool relaxed feel. Like shes never tried all that hard at anything in her entire life, while that is the impression she wants to give off its far from the truth, She is in general a hard worker. She simply doesn't see the point in stressing over much, most things can either not be changed, or if they can stressing out wont help you fix them.

This flippant approach has gotten her into trouble from time to time. As has a rather flirtatious and often forward personality. And she almost revels in the ever so slightly oily and manipulative tendencies that Cardassians are often infamous for.

But over all shes a rather personable and social individual.
Strengths & Weaknesses Smart.
Notices quite a lot.

Boarders on hedonist at times.
A bit of a slacker at time.
Ambitions Asha's tendencies to slack off show up more so in her professional ambition then any other area. She's comfortable where she is, and while being more successful would be nice? Why bother.

Paradoxically that means shes far more likely to do something simply to be helpful then for actual gain.
Hobbies & Interests Asha: "Is drinking a hobby? I feel like it should be if it's not?"

Asha spends a lot of her free time simply hanging around and being social, something that actually helps her professional work more often then one would think.
She a reasonably skilled painter.

While not a primary focus she started to practice kickboxing while on earth.

Personal History Asha was born to a wealth and influential family on Cardassia prime. Her mother being from a poorer family but having become a doctor with the financial support of her husband. Eshe father Kehac was at the time of her and her twin sisters birth and for most of her childhood a judge working his way up through the judicial system of Cardassia.

While her father was always emotionallyy and mentally abusive Asha tended to antagonize him far more then either her younger sisters or her mother. Something that oddly enough seamed to get more respect from the man though did attract actual physical abuse as she got older, though this was often started by her. Her willingness to openly fight actually lessening his abuse.

At the outbreak of the Klingon Cardassian war her father took a political appointment in the industrial sector to support the war effort. Which lead into another assignment once the dominion war broke out.

With her mother busy with wounded, and her father away she was left more or less to her own devices taking care of her younger sisters most of the two year conflict. Until the battle of Cardassia and the Dominion bombardment of Cardassia Prime.

One moment nothing was wrong and a moment later her home and most of the city she had lived in was reduced to rubble. Asha's mother had been killed in the bombardment at the local medical center. And her youngest sister killed when there house collapsed, Asha and her Surviving sister Eshe where pined and partially crushed trapped for days. Her younger Twin Eshe's leg and hip where shattered and her own right arm had to be Amputated to get her free from the rubble, though she eventually received a biosynthetic limb replacement. She and her sister stayed in the federation medical facility Feverish and in pain, being medically treated for a few weeks until member of the Cardassian government under the direction of her father came for her and her sister. Moving her to one of the few Cardassian medical facilities to have survived the bombardment.

She underwent a number of surgeries receiving a synthetic arm. The entire time her father more or less absent from her life. And once she was discharged she had them unceremoniously shuffled off to a boarding school.

While her sister voiced her interest in the medical field she kept her own interests to herself, though helping her sister through this difficult part of there lives was what started her interest in metal health. Her sister was also the one who voiced her intention to leave Cardassia for school a choice that Asha had already made a year before. While she had never intended or shown interest in Star Fleet her sisters stated intention to her father and his violent reaction was what pushed her to follow her sisters example. After all what was worse then one daughter in star fleet? Two.

The two snuck away and found a cheap freighter off the planet for both herself and her sister. Going first to Deep Space Nine and then to a near by outpost farther away from Cardassian space.

They first requested protection because she feared more abuse. The commander of the station first protesting because of possible political fallout with the Cardassian Union. But after a quick review from the stations medical officer, confirming that her sister had recently received a fractured eye socket and cheek bone, The commander agreed to let them stay until there application to star fleet was processed.

She did well but not amazingly at star fleet academy, graduating and taking a posting there on earth for a few years before heading out into a short rotation in the fleet, then back again to start hopping form colony to colony.
Service Record Star Fleet Medical Academy.
Leclerc Mental health facility, Paris France.
USS Johnston.
USS Brazil.

Volth-VI Colony.
Denobula-II Station.

CMO Horizon Colony.

Medical Records:
Biosynthetic limb (Right arm)