Lady Te’elis ir-Zel’Uril t’Nai

Name Lady Te’elis ir-Zel’Uril t’Nai

Position Ambassador (Non-Federation)

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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Zel'Uril Romulan
Age 46

Physical Appearance

Height 4 foot 7 inches
Weight 175 pounds
Hair Color White
Eye Color Ice Blue


Spouse Yhea
Children Thue (eldest Daughter); Ussi (second born Daughter); Triy (Youngest son)
Father Nveid
Mother T’Maekh
Brother(s) Giellun (Youngest)
Sister(s) Gehen (First born)

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses (+/-) Stubborn
(+/-) Symbiosis (Crystalline Conjunctive Symbiosis (See (+ and - below)
(+) Has the ability to learn languages at an accelerated pace. (A few hours to get the basics down, 3 to 4 days to be a proficient speaker, and a week to get the accent down and to be considered a native speaker)
(+) Greater Damage Resistance (Crystalized Bone Structure)
(+) Completely Immune to all forms of Telepathy/Empathy
(+/-) Heighten sense of Hearing (can hear in the ultrasonic sound range) and Sight (can see in Ultraviolet light spectrum), but has a weakened sense of Smell and Taste
(-) Must remain in a Colder temperature (Must use a portable Air Freezer Inhaler to help with dealing with others on the ship)(Can survive in Human Standard temperatures for about a 36 hours, before starting to suffer from muscle cramps and diminished abilities.)
(-) Comes off Emotionally Cold (Except with those she considers friends or lovers)
(-) Requires to ingest Plants, Animal, or Water from her homeworld to keep the symbiote healthy, but the Zel’Uril discovered that they can ingest any form of powdered crystals to cover this requirement, for a short time.
Ambitions She agrees with the other Nobles of Zel’Uril, that their people need to break free of the Romulan conquest machine.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, learning new Languages; Wants to learn about other cultures as well

Personal History Cultural Information on the Zel’Uril Romulan:
The Zel’Uril is one group that splinted from the Vulcan people at the start of the Age of Enlightenment. Nearly a Century later they splinted from the Proto-Romulans, when they discovered the world they named Zel’Uril. What the people that settled this colder than normal world, didn’t know that the animals and plants lived in a conjunctive symbiosis with a crystalline micro-organism. Within a generation the whole population of Zel’Uril found that their bones started to crystalize. This symbiosis, also, cause a great change within the Zel’Uril neural structure, the part of the brain that would handle the budding psionic protental of their people to completely disappear, which causes the Zel’Uril to be completely immune to telepathic/empathic probes. Due to the symbiosis and the higher then standard gravity the Zel’Uril people have an average height of 4 foot 5 inches to 5 foot 2 inches, but with a n average weight on 150 to 200 pounds.