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Medical Inquiry 2: Personal log review.

Posted on 05 Jun 2019 @ 7:42am by Lieutenant Eshe Antan
Edited on 12 Jun 2019 @ 4:41pm

Doctors log, Cheif Medical officer Eshe Antan: Review of Captain Richards personal logs in light of his medical records.

While the former captains medical records are uneventful, and his personal logs are likewise so...
Both taken together I thin I might suspect a slight pastern of behavior.

The Captain seamed to become lax when it came to personal health in the time leading up to his disappearance, and showed some signs of agitation and stress. And like wise his personal logs show agitation and irritability also. While I think there might be something to this, I'm also not a Mental health specialist... and am in fact a terrible judge of social cues.

Taking that into account I'm going to request the assistance of Counselor Antan... That is Counselor Asha Antan in the review of these records. She should be able to spot any mental complications easier then I will.


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