Medical Inquiry 3: Mental health review.

Posted on 12 Jun 2019 @ 4:53pm by Lieutenant Eshe Antan

Doctors log, Update to medical review of former commanding officer of Horizon Colony, Captain Richards.

After review of both personal and medical logs alongside my sister.. That is to say Counselor Asha Antan, the acting Chief Counselor here on the colony. We have concluded that the behavioral patterns I was seeing are indeed a indication of something wrong.

Counselor Antan sighted indications of paranoia and agitation with the Captain increasing in severity leading up to his disappearance. Seamed to be missing sleep. And after a review of the data from his quarters... wasn't eating well. At least not in his quarters.

However without any real way to medically inspect the Captain there is no way for me to really tell why any of this was happening.
This information might be helpful in light of over information that Captain Seren might be able to do something with it.