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Medical Consultation

Posted on 20 Jun 2019 @ 2:24am by Lieutenant Eshe Antan & Lieutenant Asha Antan & Captain Piper Seren

Mission: New Horizons
Location: Captains ready room
Timeline: 1300

The two Cardassian medical personnel made there way up to the door of the Captains ready room both reaching up to ring the bell of the door, then both stopped and stood there for a moment waiting for the other to do it. Finally the shorter of the two ringing it as she was slightly in front of the two.

Piper had been staring intently at the PaDD in her hand, so intently that the sound of the door chime actually startled her, the PaDD slipping from her hand and landing on her desk with a dull thunk. "Enter!" she called as she picked it up, checking for damage before setting it aside so she could focus completely on her guests.

"Lieutenant Antan," she said with a warm smile. "A pleasure to see you again," she stood up from her desk and held her hand out to the Chief Medical Officer. "And you must be the other Lieutenant Antan? Asha wasn't it?" she asked. "I saw you had arrived on the colony, my apologies for not managing to meet with you sooner. What can I do for you?"

"Oh don't worry about it Captain, I'm sure your swamped with work." The Counselor gave the captain a polite nod as the two made there way into the room. It would have actually been rather hard to tell the two apart, the only visible difference being that the Doctor had her hair up in a bun, and her sister's was in a braid. Indeed they where almost identical with the exception of that and a rather dramatic difference in height the Counselor being almost a full foot taller then her sister.

Eshe actually seamed a bit uncomfortable as she made her way in "Mind if I sit captain?"

"Of course, take a seat, both of you," Piper offered warmly.

Once she was seated she pulled out a Padd from her pocket, and put it carefully on the captains desk. "Actually I was hoping we would be of some help. You'll remember that you asked me to look over the medical records for Captain Richard?"

"Can I get either of you anything? I think I'm about due for a coffee," she picked up the last mug that had been left on her desk so long it was now stone cold.

The Counselor gave a gentle hand wave. "Oh nothing for me thank you." With the doctor returning the request with "Actually there is a Tea programed in under my name Antan-dark if you would" she took a drink before sitting it down.

"The reports for Captain Richard, did they show anything unusual?" Piper asked curiously as she returned to her desk. "Anything at all that might give us an indication of something being wrong?"

The doctor shifted facing the captain. "Well at first my own review found a few indications of exhaustion and maybe depression or mental lethargy, but I noticed that as his records got closer to the time of his disappearance, he more of less stopped tending to his medical needs. He even seams to have started eating less if his personal replicator records are a good induction. But I must be honest, mental matters are actually a weak spot for me, so I asked my sister to look into the records also."

Without really being cued the Standing Cardassian chimed in. "And oh yes Captain there where indications that something was going very wrong, though it makes sense that no one really noticed. The captain started to interact with people around him less, while also increasing his own personal logs. Some times making entries every few minutes. Sighs indicated, Restlessness, sleeplessness lose of appetite. As time went on he started to avoid individuals."

The Counselor honestly sounded just a little intrigued about it. But still clearly having the right amount of concern. "A few weeks before his disappearance I would have absolutely pegged him as suffering from acute paranoia... Perhaps even tending towards paranoid schizophrenia. While I of coarse can't say that there was no threat at all. It doesn't surprise me that the former Captain disappeared. And I might add that where ever he is, he needs to be approached with care... If his condition has continued to trend in the same way. He may be very dangerous now."

"And there in lies the problem, no one knows where he is," Piper said quietly. "His disappearance is still unsolved. The Marines have scoped out the offices and found absolutely nothing. No one knows anything. There are no hints or clues, nothing at all to tell us what happened." She paused for a moment, leaning back and steepling her fingers under her chin as she became contemplative. "If you saw someone else that presents with crazy, paranoid type symptoms, would you be able to hazard a guess if it could be something that could spread?"

The two Cardassians looked at each other and almost in unison answered "Yes." The doctor expanding on the answer. "Has that happened to your knowledge? There are a great number of things that can cause this kind of outbreak really. Parasites, gasses.. Even just, Mass hysteria, and that's ruling out stranger causes like, empathic problems... I'm sorry that's not much help, but without more information I can't really give you anything else."

I don't know for sure if it's happening elsewhere or not, but there's a civilian who's been showing signs of paranoia and delusions. He accosted Commander Port yesterday in the gardens, talking about end of the world stuff. I've had complaints from others in the residential areas that he's accosting people there as well. I've asked Security to discreetly keep an eye on him, but he was one of the first civilians to come to the colony so if what ever was affecting Captain Richard was any kind of communicable disease or infliction, he may be suffering as well," Piper said quietly.

The doctor stopped for a moment. "Commander port stopped by my office today with unexplained headaches... And he's not the only one, I've had a lot of that as of late, that's very worrying. You mind if I ask a selection of the star fleet personnel who have been here a while to come in for quick checkups?"

Piper nodded sightly. "Please do," she said quietly. "Let me know if you find anything of concern." She glanced toward the glass walls surrounding her office, looking out toward the coast line. "It looks like we have a bit of a storm coming in, you both might want to get back to medical in case anything comes of it. I don't imagine it will be too bad, we haven't had any concerning radar reports coming in, but better to be safe than sorry. Thank you, for your time, and please do keep me up to date with what's happening?"

The doctor started to get up with a bit of help from her sister both of them giving the Captain a nod. "Sounds like a plan, I'll keep you up to date if either of us find anything."


Captain Piper Seren
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