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Another New Arrival

Posted on 14 Jun 2019 @ 5:51pm by Lieutenant Savannah Bucanan

Mission: New Horizons
Location: Horizon Colony
Timeline: Current Day

OOC: Hi all, it's going to be nice simming with you :)


Savannah stepped out onto the surface of her new home, she hadn't been sure exactly what to expect and hadn't wanted to get her hopes up just incase it wasn't as nice as she was imagining. As she stood simply taking it in, she was pleasantly surprised by what she saw.

First things first she needed to find where she'd be living and get herself freshened up before finding her new Commanding officer and reporting in. There was also someone else she wanted to see, last she heard her brother-in-law Frank was on this very same colony and she wanted to surprise him.

It hadn't been an easy time for either of them, Frank's wife and her elder sister June had been killed leaving him a widower. In much the same way Savannah too was a widower, her husband Michael had been killed whilst on an away mission. It had been some time but she was still finding being alone hard to take, they had once planned to have a family but they'd never gotten around to it.

Picking up her hand luggage she made for the residential area, following the directions and details she'd been given ahead of her arrival to find where she'd be living from now on. It took a few minutes but she eventually managed to find the right quarters and let herself in.

Stepping inside she was glad to see her luggage had arrived ahead of her. She tended to travel pretty light, precious things were kept in storage instead of being shipped from assignment to assignment. The rest was packed into a few light boxes and a couple of suitcases to save having too much to move around.

Unzipping her suitcase she grabbed out some fresh clothing, a towel, and her toiletries so she could go and take a shower. She was certainly hoping to have running water instead of the sonic showers she'd gotten used to aboard the starships she'd served on. Sonic was okay but there was something to be said for real running water!"

Heading for the bathroom she ran through her head just what her plan was going to be once she'd freshened up and eaten. She liked to be organised, such was the life of a Chief Counsellor who'd no doubt have plenty of people who'd require their fleet evaluations to be done. For now that could wait, leaving her clothes by the bathroom door she headed into the shower.

* A few minutes later *

Reappearing from the bathroom with her long hair wrapped in a towel, Savannah got herself something to eat. She had eaten enroute but had only nibbled hence why she now felt hungry. As she sat wrapped in a bathrobe, that she'd grabbed off the top of her suitcase, she pulled up her orders and looked them over.

First things first she needed to report to Piper Seren her new CO to let her know she'd arrived. Then it would be a case of finding where her office was and getting it set up ready for use. If there was one thing she hated it was a sterile office environment, she liked to make her office more comfortable. A few trinkets here and there, some cushions and throws and soft lighting made all the difference depending on the circumstances.

Food finished she headed into the bedroom to sort her hair and get a fresh uniform out of her suitcase.


Lieutenant Savannah Bucanan
Chief Counsellor
Horizon Colony


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