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We meet again

Posted on 20 Jun 2019 @ 4:53am by Lieutenant Commander Frank Kamar Jr. & Lieutenant Savannah Bucanan

Mission: New Horizons
Location: Kamar's Quarters

Savannah arrived at Frank's quarters, pausing outside the door she wondered how he'd react to seeing her here. The last time she'd seen Frank was at June's funeral and he'd hardly spoken to her, not that she blamed him. She'd felt his pain and now she too was a widower she understood his pain only too well. She pressed the door chime and waited.

Frank went to his door, he hadn't even been on the colony 24 hours, who the heck was at his door? If it was an emergency he would've been contacted via his comm. Grumbling under his breath he reluctantly opened the door. "Who is it and What do.." he stopped mid-sentence as he recognized Savannah. Shock would have displayed on his face, had his beard not obscured his features, "Savannah come in, what are you doing here? I thought you and your husband were on a starbase somewhere living the high life," he teased gently.

Savannah walked inside Frank's quarters looking around as she did so. "I guess you didn't get my messages?" She paused as she took a deep breath. "I lost Michael a few years ago. An explosion during an away mission. I did try to contact you about his funeral."

Frank instantly felt a multitude of emotions, he knew exactly how Savannah felt, the sense of loss, the emptiness, and loneliness. "Savannah I'm so sorry, I had no idea. I saw the messages but never opened them. I just assumed you and the rest of the family were mad at me for June's death."

“Heavens Frank! Never!!” Savannah offered an understanding smile. “June’s death wasn’t your fault! Her death came as a blow to us all.”

“I know but after her funeral I avoided everyone for years. In fact yesterday was our 25th anniversary. I can’t believe she’s been gone twenty years. I guess I got so used to be alone with my grief I ignored you. I really am sorry about Michael, he was a good man,” Frank said gently.

“Thank you” Savannah offered a somewhat diluted smile. “June’s parents still talk about the two of you, they miss not seeing you. I was fortunate to have a family like June’s to adopt me when I lost my family, they’ve treated me like their own child since the day they first fostered me. June was my rock and it wasn’t easy losing her, so I understand how you feel.” She walked over to the nearest window and looked outside. “Mike and I were talking about having a family, but we never got the chance.”

"June's parents were always better to me than I deserved, I'm glad they were there for you too. I just kind of shut down after everything. I'm sorry you and Michael never were able to have that family you wanted," Frank stroked his beard for a moment, "Will you be the counselor for the colony?" he said trying to change the subject before he said anything else to personal.

"I'm afraid so!" She smiled grateful for the change of subject. "I'm going to have my work cut out for me it seems. How are you fitting in here?"

"Well I arrived yesterday, found a quiet place to smoke a cigar, was nearly put in the brig by the Captain, had a run in with the XO, because the replicators aren't working right and I have a scheduled system shutdown in an hour. I just ran by here real quick to pick up my PADD with some engineering manuals," he said as he lifted the PADD from the table.

"Savannah, we're about to shut down and reboot the mainframe, all of the electronics around the colony will be going offline, you need to be in your quarters or in Medical, in case something goes wrong," Frank said seriously.

Savannah nodded. "In that case I'll head to medical, if I can find it!" She smiled warmly. "How long do I have?"

"I have to report back to engineering in a few minutes, I will have the system offline around 1300, if all goes well everything will be back up and running within 30 minutes."

Savannah nodded. "In that case I'd best get going." She paused for a moment. "Frank, would you like dinner with me later? It would be nice to have more time to talk."

"It sounds like a plan. I will see you tonight, Savannah, it was great seeing you." Frank was surprised to see her here but was happy to have at least one friend in the colony.

Savannah smiled warmly. "Until tonight." With that she headed on her way to find the Medical complex.

Frank waved as Savannah left, with a deep breath he picked up his Padd loaded with his blueprints and system specs and returned to the Engineering building to begin the system shutdown.

Lieutenant Commander Frank Kamar Jr
Chief Engineering Officer
Horizon Colony


Lieutenant Savannah Buchanan
Chief Counselor
Horizon Colony


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