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Red Sky in Morning - Time to take warning!

Posted on 18 Jun 2019 @ 12:10am by Captain Piper Seren & Colonel Imagen Johnson

Mission: New Horizons
Location: Personal Residence

=^= Begin Log =^=

Even as the first strains of light started to break over the horizon, Piper could tell that something wasn't right. There was a heaviness in the atmosphere, almost like it hurt to breathe. Pressing her hands into the center of her chest, she drew in several long, deep breaths as she stood at the bedroom window, one of the drapes pulled aside as she stared out at the colours breaking over the ocean beyond.

Imagen got out of the bed, having been woken up by the sudden movement of someone leaving. She walked over to the drapes and looked out. "Pip? You ok?" She asked.

Turning back to face Imagen, Piper smiled slightly. "I'm fine," she said quietly. "But go back to sleep, it's early. There's still time before daylight comes fully."

Imagen slipped out of the door to join Piper. "Oh no you don't...I know somethings wrong, now tell me, what's wrong. You wouldn't be holding your chest if it was nothing." She replied, looping her arms around Pipers waist.

Piper leaned back against Imagen, closing her eyes for a moment, savouring the feel of the comforting embrace. "I just have a bad feeling about today," she said quietly. "I don't know, I can't explain it. I just have this bad feeling."

"About what?" She asked, trying to comfort Piper. "Is there anything I can do?" She asked.

Piper put on the best smile she could manage. "I'll tell you what, how I take a shower and then we can have some breakfast before I go to the office?" she asked with a smile. "I think I should go in early today."

"Do you have to? Can't you just take a day off and stay here, with me? We could stay curled up in bed, watch some movies, I'll even cook!" She said, knowing it wouldn't happen.

Piper laughed softly, turning, still within the confines of Imagen's arms. "As much as I would love to, I have to go to work, especially today. I think I'm going to be needed."

Imagen frowned. "Ok, I suppose..." She trudged back into the bedroom.

Piper sighed softly as she headed for the bathroom to shower, part of her wishing that Imagen understood that she had to be committed to her job, the colony and everyone in it was depending on her to make the right decisions. She showered quickly and dressed in a clean uniform, pulling boots onto her feet and running a brush through her dark hair quickly before she headed back into the living area. "Do you want to walk me to work?" she asked quietly. "We have time to stop in the gardens if you wanted?"

Imagen nodded. "I'm sorry. I should know you have to work...I just miss you is all..." She said, feeling sorry for herself.

"Look, I'm going to be tied up most of the day, why don't you take of the shuttles and go up to the station?" Piper asked quietly. "Admiral McDuffy keeps talking about coming down to see what we're doing, why don't you offer him a personal escort? It might at least give you something else to think about? Or just run one of the shuttles back and forth for the day. It might be nice to have something to just keep you busy."

"Ok...Do you need me to do anything before I go? Or anything you want?" She asked, trying to act normally.

Piper paused, turning back to face Imagen. "What's wrong?" she asked quietly. "If you don't want to take a shuttle or go to the station you don't have to... I just thought it might give you something to do is all."

"I just wish you didn't have to work so much...I know you can't but I wish we could just spend more time together..." She said quietly, trailing off, knowing she was in the wrong.

"This is my job," Piper said quietly, unable to keep the hurt from her voice. "You knew that when you came down here. You of all people should know I have to be committed. I am giving you every spare moment I can, and even some that I shouldn't, but I have to do my job." Reaching up, she twisted her hair back into a rough pony tail without bothering to brush it. "What do you want me to do? Give it up?"

"No...That's not what I want and you know it's not..." Imagen sighed.

"I have to do my job!" Piper retorted. "It's what I'm here for! It's what everyone is relying on me for, that is, everyone except you!" She shook her head and walked across to the couch, picking up her jacket. "I need to go to work," she said quietly. "I have a freighter sitting up at Providence that needs me to sign off on cargo before they can leave."

"Just forget it...I'll see you whenever I see you." Imagen said, letting a hint of anger slip into her voice.

Pausing inside the door, Piper turned slowly, the look on her face becoming one of pure hurt. "Fine," she said quietly, her voice wavering with emotion as she spoke. "If that's the way you want it to be..." She turned and headed out the door, pausing once it closed behind her to take a deep breath, quickly brushing the tears from her eyes before she started walking toward the command building.

Imagen sat down on the couch where she was stood and started to cry. She hadn't wanted to argue but she missed Piper when she was gone. Maybe it was just her trying to make up for lost time, but going the wrong way about it. Either way she knew Piper wouldn't want her here when she returned later that day. She stood up off the couch, wiping her eyes, before grabbing her uniform, and heading for the shuttlepad.

=^= Begin Log =^=

Captain Piper Seren
Commanding Officer
Horizon Colony


Colonel Imagen Johnson
Lexington Commanding Officer
Horizon Colony


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