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First meeting

Posted on 23 Jun 2019 @ 10:40pm by Captain Piper Seren & Lieutenant Savannah Bucanan

Mission: New Horizons
Location: Seren’s office


Savannah had managed to find her way to her new CO’s office, pausing at the door she straightened her uniform before pressing the chime.

Piper was sitting on the floor behind her desk again, taking advantage of the one part of her office that actually afforded her any level of privacy from the never ending glass walls that otherwise surrounded her. She had a mug of coffee between her hands, sipping at it slowly as she scanned through the array of PaDD's spread out in front of her, trying to analyze the latest reports that had come in from her department heads. "Enter," she called semi absently, not looking up. Who ever it was would find her, sooner or later.

Walking into the office Savannah was surprised to find no one sitting at the desk, or anywhere else in sight. Walking towards the desk she peered over the top seeing her new CO sitting on the floor behind it. “Ahh let me guess....” She looked around. “Trying to find some privacy?” She grinned.

"Something like that," Piper said with a laugh. "Glass walls means everyone can see me sitting there and I get a never ending stream of interruptions. At least sitting down here I can usually get at least a few minutes of peace and quiet before someone is insistent enough to come looking.:

“I completely understand!” She smiled warmly. “I’m Savannah Bucanan, the new Counsellor. I thought I’d report in and let you know I’d arrived.”

"Counselor..." there was a blank look on Pipers face momentarily as she mulled over it for a moment. "Was that transport coming today? I could have sworn I had your arrival scheduled for tomorrow?" She sighed heavily and reached up, running her hands through her long hair. "Sorry, I am all over the place at the moment."

“No that’s okay, actually it was supposed to be tomorrow I chose to arrive a day early so I’d have more time to settle in.” Savannah smiled warmly. “Looking at the sheer size of the colony I’m glad I did!!”

Piper smiled as she looked up at the new counselor. "She is impressive isn't she? This is the third colony I've been assigned to, but I think she's definitely my favorite. With the station in orbit we tend to get a number of people coming down for day trips, so there's always new faces around and we seem to always have plenty going on." Climbing to her feet, Piper stretched slightly before grabbing her PaDD's. "I think I need a coffee break, can I get you something?" she asked.

"Just a lemonade would be lovely thank you." Savannah smiled. "I've been wondering around the colony since I got here, trying to get my bearings. I think it's going to take some getting used to but I'm looking forward to being a part of the colony."

"A colony can take a lot of getting used to, especially if you've served on ships and you're used to that restriction of size and crew. A colony like this will continue expanding. Have you been through the medical complex yet? It really is state of the art. Lieutenant Eshe Antan is the Chief Medical Officer. Make sure you make your presence known to her. Her younger sister, Asha is in counseling with you." Replicating the lemonade, Piper handed it across to Savannah and returned to her desk, motioning for the counselor to take a seat across from her as she blew gently across the top of her mug of chai latte. "So what made you decide to transfer to a colony?"

“To be honest I never really took time to myself after I lost my husband. In the five years since his death I’ve just plodded along concentrating on my work.” She paused and sipped her drink. “I figured it was time to make a new start for myself.”

"I'm sorry," Piper said gently. "I can't even begin to imagine how hard it must be for you to be taking a step like this and moving on. It's never easy dealing with the loss of someone you love. Well, you've definitely chosen the right place to start over. I've been front running colonies since I graduated from the Academy, and this is definitely among the most beautiful I've seen. There is literally so much on offer here."

“So I’ve seen” Savannah smiled. “I’m looking forward to getting a chance to properly settle here. Starships are all very well but you’re forever on the move, at least on a colony I can put down some roots.”

"I'll have to take your word for that," Piper said with a laugh. "I've never served on a starship, the longest I've been on one was during transport from one site to another. The irony in it always amuses me. I joined Starfleet to be among the stars and I've been planet bound since I graduated."

The sound of rapping at the glass door illicit ed a sign from Piper as she looked up at the approaching form of her yeoman. "Captain, I've got an urgent message for you from Colonel Johnson for you, would you like me to patch her through?"

Piper shook her head slightly. "Please tell Colonel Johnson I'm unavailable at the moment, thank you," she replied, watching as he gave a quick nod and walked away.

"I apologise," Piper said to Savannah quietly. "I am going to have to cut our meeting short though, it seems I'm going to have some things to deal with."

“That’s fine Captain. I completely understand.” Savannah smiled. “I’ll leave you to get on. I need to learn my way around anyway.”

"Thank you Lieutenant, if you have any problems just let me know. My door is always open to you." Piper said with a smile, watching as the new Counselor walked out of her office before turning a concerned gaze toward the glass walls surrounding her office, watching the rapidly darkening sky beyond.


Captain Piper Seren
Commanding Officer
Horizon Colony


Lieutenant Savannah Bucanan
Chief Counseling Officer
Horizon Colony


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