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Shut Down and Reboot?

Posted on 20 Jun 2019 @ 3:10am by Captain Piper Seren & Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky & Lieutenant Commander Frank Kamar Jr. & Lieutenant Sera Orion

Mission: New Horizons
Location: Engineering

Frank stood in front of the mainframe in engineering with his Padd. He was reviewing the planned shut down procedures one more time as he prepared to shut down the mainframe. With the main system offline, it would temporarily disable comms, replicators, the network, and radar system. Basically anything electronic would be unable to communicate while the system was offline.

The problem had stumped Frank, earlier he reviewed the schematics with Sera and Arianna, both good engineers, but he would never tell them that. He had reviewed all of the main system boards himself; Sera and Arianna inspected all of the fuses and circuits at the relays. Everyone came up empty so far. Chalking the whole thing up to gremlins, Frank coordinated with Commander Port to schedule the controlled shutdown and reboot.

"Ok Ladies, let's get this started. Sera, contact the Command Center and let them know we are proceeding with the shutdown and reboot."

"At once, My Lord." Sera punched a few keys on the right side of the console, "Command central, Lieutenant Orion. We are commencing with the system reboot. Stand by for temporary outages."

"Arianna go ahead and begin shutting down the site relays. We need to shut down the farthest sites first. When those are shutdown we will then bring down the main server."

"Understood, shutting down the outer most sites now", she said as she punched the commands in. The site relays began shutting down one by one slowly at first, but suddenly it started to cascade. "Chief! I got a cascade here", Arianna said. "It started normally but now it is cascading like dominoes", she exclaimed as she watched. 'What the hell is going on', she thought.

Frank looked up from the console log he was reviewing, he was looking for system errors and indicators of what was going wrong with their system. He glanced at the monitor that displayed the relay sites, they were blinking off one by one slowly at first then increasing in speed to nearly to at a time..

“Oh Shit,” he exclaimed as he ran to the mainframe junction box and to yank out the connecting cable. If he couldn’t stop the cascading failure it would burn up the Main frame.

Hitting his comms device he struggled to disconnect the cable “Captain, XO, Engineering we have a,” before he could complete his sentence the cable came free and the mainframe went offline. Seconds later the smell of burnt wires and small waft of smoke was emitted from a near by board.

“Sera, please send one of the Ensigns to command central now! We are dead in the water. I think the relay board shorted just as I pulled the cable. Also send an Ensign to go grab a board from one the relay base stations, to get this up and running. I didn't see any spares, so we're going to have to rob Peter to pay Paul."

"We don't have anyone named Paul." Sera commented dryly, remembering she'd heard the saying before but couldn't place it. But there was no one named Paul present in the engineering staff, possibly not anywhere on the planet! She moved away from the others for a moment to where an ensign had his hands resting on his head, "Ensign Carter, you are going to go find Lord Commander Port in the command center and inform him of the situation. No, wait a moment." She grabbed the arm of the ensign, "Go to my locker and get the binary commlinks there. Bring one back to me, then take the other to the Lord Commander." She released him and patted his shoulder. "Ensign Rivera, go strip the main console board from Relay station Beta Five. Take Crewman Atherson with you, then return here."

"Let's see if the comm radio devices work. We are supposed to have them here for emergencies, but the way things have gone so far, they probably are not charged,” Frank said a little disgruntled.

Thinking on her feet was her greatest asset. "Chief I noticed that there were a bunch of strange devices when I was here earlier. They looked like some type of communication device. If they are not charged, I have my portable power cell here in engineering", Arianna said.

"Let's see if any of those work. I imagine the Captain is going to have our asses if we don't have a resolution soon." Frank turned as Rivera and Atherson left to grab the necessary parts. An odd color caught his eye as the door opened. "This just keeps getting better and better," he grumbled as the wind slammed open the steel door.

The sky was growing darker with a deeper red to it and the wind was beginning to increase, "Great we have the storm of the century blowing up our skirts with no power or comms.' Closing the door he turned to his team, "Arianna, please focus on getting some sort of comms up, I don't care if it's tin cans with string. Sky, I need the blueprints for the power system saved across a few Padds, then turn them off. I don't want to be without them if this is an extended outage." Frank was definitely concerned about the current state of affairs, he took out his half burned cigar and placed in his mouth, He pulled out his Padd and begin reviewing the tech manuals once more to see if there was a way to get the critical systems online.


Across the colony lights flickered before going out, leaving only the eerie glow of intermittently placed emergency lighting to enable Security and Marines to do their jobs. Those few that had been still braving the elements started returning to shelter with the loss of power while in the distance a faint siren could be heard from the Marine barracks summoning the Marines to prepare should they be required.

Lieutenant Commander Frank Kamar Jr
Chief Engineering Officer
Horizon Colony


Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Horizon Colony


Lieutenant Sera Orion
Engineering Officer
Horizon Colony


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