Shut Down Part 2 (BACK POST)

Posted on 10 Sep 2019 @ 2:34am by Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky & Colonel Imagen Johnson & Lieutenant Commander Frank Kamar Jr. & Lieutenant Sera Orion

Mission: New Horizons
Location: Engineering Building
Timeline: Day After the Storm

Frank was listening to the strength of the increasing wind, the sound of small debris hitting the windward side of the building began to echo inside. "Ok people listen up," Frank shouted above the din and background noise, "Arianna, gather your power cells and whatever you need to work on the comms. Sera get those Padds over here and try to locate any extra circuit boards, we may just have to piece some together. The way this storm is brewing I want everyone to stay in the center of the room away from the doors and windows."

When Frank finished he pulled a table to the center of the room and began moving a couple of the tool bags, and some of the printed blueprints for the circuit boards.

Arianna moved all her portable power cells into the center of the room where the Chief had pulled the table. Also, she grabbed her tools and other items that she felt would be needed. She had finish her task quickly, looking at Sera, "Sera you need a hand with those PADD's and circuit boards?"

Sera's tongue was half stuck out of her mouth as she concentrated on the PADDs in front of her as she brought the items over, the meager selection of circuit boards a contrast to the abundance of the tech, "Nope, woops!" One of the PADDs slipped off the top of the stack, but she reached out with the hand that had just placed the stack on the table, snagging it and gently putting it on top of the pile, "We may have to fabricate the bulk of our own boards, My Lord, but if we strip out the comm section of the primary console, we could adapt those quickly and fit out at least half a dozen PADDs to a comm net that should already be tuned to each other."


Tamsin was leading her team of five marines to collect the Engineers and move them to safety. She came up to the door to main engineering and tried to open it using the panel. She knew it wouldn't work as the power was out, but she tried anyway. Giving up with that she took out two strong magnets, which she used to push open the doors. She walked in, motioning for her marines to fan out.

Frank watched as his engineers finished their gathering tasks and began working on the backup comms and circuit board issues. The Ensign that had been sent to the relay station still had not returned and Frank was beginning to worry. Moments later a loud noise at the door caught Frank's attention, he stood expecting the Ensign to have the parts he needed, He was shocked when he saw the Marines enter. "This can't be good," as he pulled his unlit cigar out of his mouth.

Arianna nearly jumped out of her skin as the door opened. Looking at the Marine, she echoed the Chief's comment, " This can't be good!"

"Who's in charge here?" Tamsin asked, looking around at the few faces in front of her.

Arianna said" That's the Chief there", she said pointing as she walked over to where Frank was standing.

"I'm the Chief Engineer here, unless you have a background in engineering and you're here to assist, I can't help you. Standing here watching us doesn't get the power on any faster, I know how bad you marines miss your workouts," Frank said curtly as he returned to the blue print he had been studying.

"Actually, Mr Chief Engineer, i'm here under orders from the CO to evacuate your sorry arses out of here to one of the shelters. No if's, no buts, you're coming with us. Gather up whatever you need to work and then we'll get going." Tamsin said, not in the mood for taking any crap.

"Milady Tamsin?" Sera glanced up from her own work for a moment, "Some of this can't just be picked up and moved on a moment's notice. I know this isn't a 'sterile' location right now, but it's the best location we have at this point."

Frank grumbled under his breath as he pulled an empty equipment crate from a storage closet, realizing that going was in his best interest. This Marine Colonel had some moxy and wouldn't be backed down. The unlit cigar was back in his mouth and was assisting in ensuring that his chosen four letter words were not decipherable.

Turning to his team, Frank removed his cigar momentarily to speak, "Let's pack what we need, Sera and Arianna, make sure we grab the tool bags too, I've got the circuits and the Padds in the crate. They should be ok since this crate is waterproofed. Let's try to get what we need, I don't want to have to come back in the middle of that crap storm," he said pointing towards the doors. "Colonel, we will be ready in about five minutes."

It was Sera's turn to grumble under her breath as she stifled a complaint to her Chief, which she knew wouldn't have gone over well. She opened her mouth to ask if she could remain, then shut it again. He wouldn't go for it, pointless to even try. Weather didn't bother her much at all, even the really bad weather like it looked like it was going to get to. Instead, she stowed the partially completed PADD in a satchel and walked quickly over to her locker and pulled out an overcoat in engineering gold that was proof against most weather conditions and put it on, stopping to pick up an emergency engineering carryall and another satchel that contained a 'general' set of tools and equipment, weighing her down quite a bit with a total of nearly sixty pounds, but she knew she could handle it, despite it being half her own body weight. "Ready, My Lord, Milady."

Tamsin signalled for her marines to move out. Two marines took the front of the team, one in the middle, and two to the rear, with herself moving between each area. It wasn't long before they made it to the shelter. "Ok people, this is home for at least tonight, make yourselves comfortable! There's dedicated workshops for you engineers through that door." She said pointing to a door at the back of the room.

Funny thing about this shelter, it had a door that was almost hidden from sight. Put a blanket over the exposed part and one could exit un-noticed. That is what Arianna's boss was looking for, a way out to head to certain buildings to attempt to get power on.

Without the Marines noticing, all three engineers slipped out and made off into the storm and to their destinations quickly. It just so happened that what they did to the circut boards and comm panels did work because the power was being restored area by area slowly. Finally the engineering team could catch a rest as the storm began to wind down.