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SD241904.24 | New Arrival

Posted on 29 Apr 2019 @ 8:57pm by Commander David Port & Lieutenant Trey

Mission: New Horizons
Location: Horizon

=^= Begin Log =^=

David sat in his office, having just arrived and met the Captain he decided to embrace the environment and the scenic view he had. He leaned back in his chair, extended his legs and placed the palms of both hands behind his head, inhaling deeply.

As David looked, a shuttle began its landing descent, curious as to who was on the shuttle, he corrected his posture and turned back to the computer before him. "Computer, display crew manifest for shuttle Sierra Bravo Papa 04," as he spoke softly.

"This shuttle has a compliment of 14 civilians and 1 Starfleet officer." came the monotone reply David had come to strangely enjoy. "Identify Starfleet officer," asked David to be met simply with "Lieutenant Trey, Chief Strategic Operations Officer.".

David twisted his chair, muttering his thanks to the computer and walked over to the replicator within his room, as he took a coffee and headed towards the elevator. David tapped his Comm badge, "Commander Port to Lieutenant Trey", stepping foot into the elevator he directed "Ground floor" and being met with an acknowledgement.

David had always felt the need to greet other Chief officers, and wanted to continue this in his Executive Officer role.

Trey hoisted his duffel onto his shoulder. He didn't trust transporters when it came to his personal stuff, one of his few quirks.

As he disembarked and walked along, smiling face on, his communicator sprang to life. "Trey here." He replied.

"Lieutenant, when you're free please come and meet me within the tower, I'd like to personally welcome you to the planet," David replied, as he now took residence in the small reception hall of the tower, he took a seat as he took a sip of his coffee...

"Sure thing, sir." Trey replied. "Just let me drop my bag off and I'll be right there." He said. As he turned down an adjacent path he spotted a box on the ground. Marked "free to a good home" In it was a beautiful husky puppy who lit up as he saw Trey. Likewise for Trey.

He couldn't help but play with him for a little while. "I'll be back soon, little guy." He grinned. He went along. It wasn't a good idea to keep a superior waiting.

An ensign, previously familiar to the Commander greeted David and created a small casual conversation as he waited for Trey to arrive.

Trey entered the tower, looking for Commander Port. Which didn't take long as he more or less spotted him right away. "Commander? Lieutenant Trey."

"Greeting Lieutenant," David smiled. "Would you like any refreshments before we head to my office to assign your quarters and get you checked in?" David extended his arm in an outward motion, showing the small yet extensive supply of refreshments behind him. "Either that, or we can use the replicator in my office" he chuckled.

"This is great." Trey grinned, picking up a pastry and a coffee. "I've been craving a donut for a while."

David chuckles, taking a donut for himself. "They're the best on the planet..." making an obvious joke "Probably because they're the only ones on the planet..." he chuckled more.

He extended his arm and hinted at guiding the Lieutenant towards the elevator. "Shall we?" he smiled.

Trey smiled back I like this guy he thought as he nodded.

David spent most of the journey telling his old jokes that weren't funny to anyone but David, they'd arrived at David's office. It was sleek, modern and to-the-point with a view of the colony.

David offered a seat to the Lieutenant, "Computer, show Lieutenant Trey as active for duty in the log as of this stardate and time."

"Acknowledged" came the reply.

"How was your journey here? Nothing too adventurous I hope" David chuckled.

"Just the way I like it." Trey chuckled. "Not too bad. Passed an interesting nebula though.'

"Well, hopefully you can read the report on that soon enough, when a vessel has investigated it." David continued, "I think that's all though, I think the Captain may wish to speak to you too" he said, smiling.

"I'll be available." Trey smiled. " Just one stop to make."

=^= EndLog =^=

Commander David Port
Executive Officer
Horizon Colony

Lieutenant Trey
Horizon colony


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