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“School Reunion”

Posted on 07 May 2019 @ 11:02pm by Captain Piper Seren & Colonel Imagen Johnson

Mission: New Horizons

After having dropped the Commander off Imagen decided to make a visit to her old school friend. She went across to a wall panel. “Computer, locate Captain Piper Seren.” She said.

"Captain Piper Seren is in her office," was the monotone response from the computer.

Piper was sitting on the floor behind the desk in her office. It was a calculated decision. In an office that otherwise comprised of glass, glass and more glass, her desk was the one thing that yielded her a small amount of privacy. Her short stature meant that when she was sitting on the floor she was pretty much invisible to anyone who wasn't on her side of the desk, with the exception of anyone on the walkway that served as the perimeter of the command floor. A mountain of PaDD's surrounded her, each one displaying a different barrage of data. A piece of toasted banana bread almost drowned in butter was on a plate next to her and in her left hand she held a chai latte in a mug, alternating between blowing across the top of the mug and sipping tentatively as she stared at the PaDD most immediately in front of her, completely oblivious to anything going on around her.

Imagen walked from where she stood next to the panel towards the command area. She looked around and spotted what she thought was the office. She walked over and glanced in. She couldn't see anyone, but knowing Piper she was probably hiding. She always liked to keep herself to herself. She pressed the buzzer on the door and waited for either an answer, or for someone to tell her to go away.

"Enter," Piper called absently, not even bothering to look up from the sea of data devices. Every time she thought she had gotten one under control, a new download would appear and she'd be right back where she started again. Putting everything else aside, she decided to take a look at the upcoming staff arrivals to work out what departments were still going to be left short. "What ever it is, just leave it on my desk," she said absently as she sipped her chai, her attention firmly on the PaDD in her hand.

“I don’t think your desk is big enough for me and the padd’s there Pip!” Imagen said, trying to stop herself from laughing.

"Imagen!" Piper exclaimed suddenly, jumping up, PaDD's flying everywhere around her as she jumped to her feet, closing the distance between them and throwing her arms around her old friend. "What on Earth are you doing here?"

“Special delivery! The brass ended up assigning me to bring your marines and xo to you. I see you finally made Captain! And in charge of a colony, get you!” She answered hugging the officer back.

"The Captain bit is still relatively new, but the colony thing is old. Really old. I didn't want this one, but you know what they're like," Piper said with a shrug. "I'd trade it all in a heartbeat to be up there among the stars, but it seems I'm land bound again." She laughed and shook her head. "I need a new latte, do you want something? Then we can sit and talk. Good God, how many years has it been?"

“Well I’m gonna be hanging around for a bit, maybe you can come and join me on the Lexington, see the stars when you have some time. And I’ll have a Hot Chocolate, please.” She answered, taking a seat on the corner sofa in the corner of the room. “It’s been, what, 10 years since the Academy?” She asked.

"Something like that," Piper replied, screwing up her face as she retrieved the drinks from the replicator. "Ugh, I really don't need to be reminded that I'm getting old," she said with a laugh as she handed the hot chocolate across and then sank down onto the sofa next to her. "So how long are you planning to stay for?"

“Well that we’re not sure on. Brass have said we’re to hang around for further orders, but at the moment there’s nothing they need us for, so could be a few days, could be a few weeks. Could be even longer if they decide to keep us here. But I suppose it gives you somewhere to base your marines until their barracks is fully up and running.” She smiled. “I’ve missed you Pip...” Imagen trailed off.

Piper smiled and exhaled, leaning forward and resting her hand on Imagen's forearm. "I'm a lousy friend, I kept promising I'd keep in touch and then I didn't..." her voice trailed off momentarily. "But I've missed you too, it's so good to see you again! Are you planning on staying down here on the surface or up on the station?"

“Well that depends on what you want. I don’t want to get in your way or anything. It would be nice to go for something to eat sometime though. When we’re off duty of course.” Imagen smiled hesitantly. At one point Piper and her had been a thing. Then they’d drifted apart, as she’d gone off to join the marines, and Piper had stayed with Starfleet.

"You know you're never in my way," Piper replied softly with a gentle smile. "It will be nice to have you around for a while, and I guess we have a lot of catching up to do too."

“I know...I’ll stay around here then, if that’s ok? Know any good hotels?” She asked, trying to make a joke.

"Don't be silly, you can stay with me," Piper said with an air of finality. "I haven't unpacked yet so there are containers and crates everywhere, but I have plenty of space, and it'll give us more time to catch up."

Imagen giggled. “Just like old times then?” She asked, smiling sweetly.

Glancing at the glass walls around them, Piper realised that the sun was starting to set. She stood up quickly, setting the mug down and turning toward Imagen. "Come on, I want to show you something," she said with a grin, holding her hand out toward the other woman.

Imagen stood up, taking Pipers hand. She started to feel butterflies in her stomach the way she always used to when she was around Piper. She blushed slightly as she was pulled along. “Where are we going?” She asked in between bouts of laughter.

Pushing her way through the glass doors into the walk way around the top floor, Piper led Imagen to the stairs that took them up onto the roof of the building to the emergency landing pad. "This has become my favourite place to be," she said quietly as they walked across the landing pad, standing at the edge of the roof, looking out over the ocean. The sunset sent a mass of colours cascading over the water and the slight breeze coming in from the coast was picking up just a little, lending a coolness to the pending evening. "Since I've been here I've come up here every afternoon to watch the sun set over the water."

“Wow it’s...beautiful...I wish we had things like this on the ship...most we can hope for is a Holodeck sunset...” She said, smiling at the view, while still keeping a hold of Pipers hand. “You always were a softie for beautiful views like this.” She added.

Turning toward Imagen, Piper laughed softly. "Hey, I can't help it if I have an appreciation for beautiful things," she said quietly, reaching up to brush her hair back from her face. "It's views like this that almost make up for not having the stars, the fact that it's so real, you can smell the ocean, you can feel the breeze, it's beautiful."

“Well it’s not the only beautiful thing here anyway...” Imagen said quietly without thinking.

Piper was well aware of the sudden colour that warmed her cheeks. "No, it's not, the mountains are stunning as well," she replied with a sudden nervous laugh. "Do you still hike?"

Realising what she had just said she blushed. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that...I...urm...yeah I still hike sometimes...” She trailed off, feeling embarrassed about what she’d let herself say. She had a habit of speaking her mind before engaging her brain.

"Imagen," Piper's voice was gentle as she spoke. "You don't ever need to apologise to me. Not now, not ever." She squeezed the other woman's hand ever so lightly.

“I know...but you know I worry about everything...” Imagen answered. She looked at Piper, gazing into her deep brown eyes. “At least we’ll have some time together. I mean now that I’ve got somewhere to stay.” She leant her head over to lean it on
Pipers shoulder. “This is nice. Can we just stay here?” She asked.

Letting go of Imagen's hand finally, Piper slipped an arm around her waist. "Well, we can, but it gets really cold at night. The temperature here drops suddenly, even when it's meant to be summer. Once the sun goes down it's almost too cold to be out here at all, especially when the breeze starts to pick up. That's the other thing with colonies, you actually get weather and seasons. The initial surveys had suggested we might need to have a weathernet installed here, they have some severe storms that develop quickly, and winter brings snow and below freezing temperatures." She stopped, suddenly aware that she was rambling. "Maybe before you leave we can hike up into the mountains a ways?" she finally asked softly.

Imagen giggled again. “See this is one of the reasons I always liked remember everything. It’s cute.” She blushed slightly. “A hike in the mountains would be good...just you, me and the fresh air.” She said, cuddling into Piper.

"Maybe the day after tomorrow? I'll check and see, but I don't think there's any shuttles scheduled so I should be able to sneak away for a few hours," Piper said with a smile. "Come on, lets go back down, it's getting a bit too cool, even for me," she said with a grin.

Imagen reluctantly started to leave, following Piper. “So I guess you’re going back to your office now..?” She asked, frowning.

"Well, I do need to go back at least to tidy up and finish off what I was doing, but it shouldn't take more than half an hour or so, if you wanted to wait maybe we could grab something to eat after I'm done?" Piper asked as they walked back down the stairs into the walkway again. "Or we could just go back to my place and order something from the replicator? I think it's working."

Imagen walked up behind Piper where she’d stopped and wrapped her arms around her. “Well what if I come and help you sort your office, and then we can go back to yours and get something to eat.” She retorted, smiling at her own idea.

"I think that sounds like a perfect way to spend an evening," Piper said softly, turning in Imagen's arms to face her. "It shouldn't take too long at all. Italian or Chinese?" Piper asked before pulling away and walking across to her desk, crouching down on the floor and picking up the PaDD's she had been going through earlier, stacking them carefully into piles so she wouldn't lose track of where she was. "But I'm not joking when I say my place is a disaster, I think I've unpacked maybe three crates. I really should have gotten rid of a lot more before transferring here."

“Can’t be that bad i’m sure.” Imagen said, crouching down next to Piper and helping her collect together the PADD’s scattered across the floor. “And if I recall rightly your favourite is Italian, so I think we’ll have that.” She smiled, hoping she had remembered correctly.

"You remembered?" Piper replied with a laugh. "Well, I guess we ate so much of it it would be hard to forget." Picking up the last of the PaDD's immediately in she stacked them on the desk and sank into chair at her desk again, bringing up the console and logging into it quickly. "I just need to check and make sure that I have everything lined up for tomorrow, I think I have three shuttles scheduled to come down from the station and I have two supply ships that have requested permission to land on the surface to unload, so I'll need to make sure that's scheduled properly and then I should be good to go."

“You know you can’t do everything yourself Pip. When was the last time you had a day off? Seriously, you need to delegate a bit more.” Imagen said, looking around. Piper had always been a bit of a workaholic and she didn’t like leaving things to other people.

"I know, and once things settle down a little I will, but I've come in so far behind the eight ball on this one, and with what happened to the last commanding officer, well, everyone's a little on edge and scattery, so I'm trying to get things on track as quickly as possible." Piper smiled as she tucked her hair back behind her ear and looked up at Imagen. "Besides, I just had a week off when I was on the transport to get here."

“You’d better, or i’ll have to drag you away myself!” Imagen said, laughing. “Ok so 3 shuttles is easy, and they all seem to be scheduled for late morning arrivals. Your two transports are currently holding orbit, awaiting approval to land. I’d say schedule them for 1300. Give your shuttles plenty of time to unload and go again. What do you think?” She asked.

"The shuttles shouldn't take too long to turn around, so yes, the transports should be fine if I schedule them for thirteen hundred hours and then maybe seventeen hundred hours? I need to make sure we allow enough time to unload in daylight before the sun goes down and it gets cold." Piper sighed and ran her fingers through her hair as she scanned through the manifests to see who was scheduled to arrive. Forwarding the manifests to David, she turned in her seat and looked up at Imagen again. "Alright, I think I'm done."

Imagen nodded as she stood again, and offered Piper her hand. “Lead the way...I’m starving.” She stated.

Taking her hand and standing up, Piper smiled as they headed toward the door together. "One of the perks of being commanding officer, my residences is just on the other side of the gardens. I guess they want me to be able to get back here in a hurry or something?" she said with a grin. "Come on, let's go."

Imagen smiled with happiness as she was pulled along towards Pipers quarters. She hadn’t been this happy in quite a while, and she was looking forward to spending more time with Piper.

=/\= End =/\=

Captain Piper Seren
Commanding Officer
Horizon Colony


Colonel Imagen Johnson (APB Puppy)
Lexington CO
Horizon Colony


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